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Beginning with Python Programming


  • Need to have interest in learning programming
  • Get excited about coding
  • Basic Python is where you get to learn syntax, keywords, conditions, loops, data types, functions, exception handling, tkinter etc
  • Refer to this Youtube Account for more information on Python Programming – TechnoVaidya


Why Python? 1

Reasons for Python as the learner are the first programming language.

Introduction to the IDLE interpreter (shell) and its documentation.

Building Blocks of Program: Data, Data Types, Data Binding, Variables, Constants, Declaration, Operations on Data such as assignment, arithmetic, relational, logical operations, dry run, and variables used.

Develop Code using Python: Features, basic syntax, Writing and executing a simple program, Basic Data Types such as numbers, strings, etc.

Declaring variables, Performing assignments, arithmetic operations, Simple input-output Sequence Control:

Precedence of operators, Type conversion Conditional Statements: if, if-else, nested if-else.

Looping: for, while, nested loops Control statements: Terminating loops, skipping specific conditions

Collection Manipulation: declaring strings, string functions, Lists, Tuples.

Functions And Modules: Defining a function, calling a function, Advantages of functions, types of functions, function parameters, Formal parameters, Actual parameters, global and local variables,

GUI Programming in Python (using Tkinter/wxPython/Qt) What is GUI, Advantages of GUI, Introduction to GUI library. Layout management, events, and bindings, fonts, colors, drawing on canvas (line, oval, rectangle, etc.) Widgets: frame, label, button, check button, entry, Listbox, message, radio button, text, spinbox, etc.

Finally, the role of Python in ML and NLP.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn programming
  • Python for anybody:Basic To Advanced Concepts
  • Python developers are curious about Data Science, AI and ML.


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